Who we are

INSeattle (Irish Network Seattle) is a business and social network open to all Irish, Irish-Americans and friends of Ireland living and working in the greater Seattle area. INSeattle is non-governmental, apolitical and non-denominational.  The group is administered by a pro-bono working committee on behalf of its members and the Irish Heritage Club, a tax exempt public charity granted 501(c)(3) status.

As part of the Irish Diaspora, we share the bonds of common heritage, identity, and connection with modern Ireland. Building on the premise that people connect through ideas, hopes, and actions, we’ve created a network with the goal of providing opportunities for our members to meet and build relationships. In so doing, they support each other in their professional lives, while strengthening the economic, social and cultural ties between American and Irish businesses in Washington State and Ireland–and at the same time have some fun!

We are a Diverse and Inclusive organization. Our members represent many professions and backgrounds. Some are entrepreneurs with established successful businesses, others work in software and high-tech businesses for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, NewBay, Google; in aerospace and engineering firms like Boeing; and in the arts, films, non-profits, education, science, healthcare, construction, finance, law, food, real-estate, self-owned small business–and the list keeps growing as our membership increases. Whether you are a sole proprietor, CEO or VP, mid-career, just starting off in your first job or getting your business off the ground, we invite you to be a part of IN-Seattle.

What matters to most of us and our businesses are the relationships we build and cultivate over time. Tapping into the vibrant energy and the richness of talent and diversity of our members, our goal is to learn from and support each other through personal networking, sharing of industry knowledge, business expertise, contacts and connections, and through our mentoring program. Our hope is that this network will continue to foster strong relationships; helping our members as they look forward to new career opportunities, take on new challenges, and grow their businesses.

Throughout the year, INSeattle organizes a series of business and social networking events and opportunities that bring people together face-to-face, providing a forum for our members to connect and build relationships. We partner on events with other organizations that have goals and activities that complement ours.

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